The purpose of this policy is to provide direction in the use of open educational resources (hereinafter referred to as OER) to increase access to and support quality learning and teaching in Fiji education and training system. In doing so, the policy seeks to strengthen commitment to OER by all concerned including the Government.


We are committed to achieving our vision by working collaboratively with global partners, public and government stakeholders, local communities and societies by providing Knowledge Management repositories, E learning Platforms, open international participation, support and providing consultation.


To ensure that all Fijians access quality, affordable, free and up to date Educational Resources.


Open Education Resources is essential for social, economic, political and cultural progress as it provides all Fijians access to quality, affordable, free, up to date teaching learning resources and providing 21st century knowledge and skills information, contributing to the nations endeavor in creating a knowledge society.

  • Quality and excellence
  • Equity and access
  • Free intellectual inquiry
  • Critical thinking and creativity
  • Lifelong learning
  • Responsiveness to changing needs technology
  • Good governance
  • Alignment with national and international imperatives
  • Open access
  • Partnerships
  • Building a culture of peace and respect for each other
  • Moral and values education

Our Partners